New Song Alert: DJ Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay

Electronic producer DJ Zedd and singer Alessia Cara have joined forces for his latest single ‘Stay’. The tune is dance oriented with an electronic feel and features the sounds of a clock ticking, robots as Cara uses her vocals pleading for her lover to stay over the funky electro beat of DJ Zedd’s signature production. In a recent release interview, Zedd explained, “I think this song is right in the middle between where Alessia is musically and where I am and that’s what’s so exciting about it…

Fat Joe & Remy Ma 'Plata O Plomo' Is Good But We Wanted A Little More

Fat Joe and Remy Ma have finally released the project that is Plata O Plomo, which happened to be one of the most anticipated releases after the pandemonium of their smash hit All the Way Up in 2016. In an extensive interview last week leading up to the release with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, the pair explained after being asked “what took so long?” that the album had been completed way before All the Way Up had hit the scene, but they were advised to hold off on bringing it out due to the success they were receiving with the single sales.

Have you heard Denai Moore’s “Elsewhere” Album?

Jamaican born, London raised singer-songwriter Denai Moore has already made her mark in the industry by catching the attention of her peers with her three EP’s and one recently released album ‘Elsewhere.’ Moore has mentioned that she caught the musical bug at a young age when experimenting with various instruments such as the Piano and Harmonica. When she moved to the UK she got a guitar and that’s where her musical journey really began. Before starting work on her debut album ‘Elsewhere’ Moor

Cuteness Overload! New ‘I Got You’ video by Ciara

Cuteness Overload! New ‘I Got You’ video by Ciara Mayday mayday! Cuteness Overload! Ciara’s new video for ‘I Got You’ is just pure cuteness, from start to finish. Taken from her latest album ‘Jackie’, the visuals for the track are a set of home videos capturing cute moments with her new-born baby Future, starting with the moment she revealed the pregnancy news to her parents. From there you see warm moments in the hospital a cute, bubbly baby, loving all the camera attention, plus many more sw

New group MiC LOWRY, the boy band Britain’s been waiting for?

New group MiC LOWRY, the boy band Britain’s been waiting for? Have you heard of MiC LOWRY? And are you aware that MiC LOWRY is not just a single person? Well if not I’m here to give you the run down, so let’s get to it. MiC LOWRY are a five piece R&B/Soul boy band hailing from Liverpool, the group is made up of Delleile Ankrah, Kaine Ofoeme, Akia Jones, Michael Welch and Ben Sharples. I first heard of them a few months back on Facebook after watching a YouTube video of them doing a mash-up

Netflix adds new films to its’ library, like French Film “Girlhood”

Netflix adds new films to its’ library, like French Film “Girlhood” Netflix are making their usual rounds of announcements regarding the films and television series titles that will be added or removed from its’ streaming library. “All is By My Side” the Jimi Hendrix film, “Fruitvale Station” and “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” are said to be some of the more recent Netflix additions. Another film that will be joining the long list of titles in the streaming library is “Girlhood.” A French

Ex Misfit Antonia Thomas leads in UK Thriller “Thea”

Former ‘Misfits’ star Antonia Thomas is currently busy filming her lead role on a supernatural London-set thriller called ‘Thea’ alongside Luke Norris and Eileen Davis. Direction of the film comes from Nirpal Bhogal (‘Sket and Misfits’) and produced by Uzma Hasan (The Infidel) the film is also co-produced by Gareth Roberts and Jezz Vernon. The thriller follows a young couple played by Thomas and Norris whose lives are turned upside down when they experience supernatural evils while struggling

London Filmmaker Cecile Emeke’s new Web Series “Flaner” – Race, Gender and much more

London Filmmaker Cecile Emeke’s new Web Series “Flaner” – Race, Gender and much more London based filmmaker, writer and artist Cecile Emeke has been gradually creating a buzz via YouTube with her documentary web series “Strolling”, since the release of her short film “Ackee & Saltfish”. “Strolling” is a series of interview questions asked to people from the black community. The format follows one person on a stroll around the streets of London whilst they address topics such as race, gender, a

New Voices in Black Cinema Festival Premieres 2 Black British Films

ActNow’s New Voices in Black Cinema Festival is in its fifth annual year and is in New York at BAMCINEMATEK with narrative features, documentaries and shorts that are put out to redefine the black experience in America and internationally. Since the festival started on 26th March it has premiered Black British films such as ‘Gone Too Far’ and ‘Sixteen’ both of which we in Britain are probably familiar with. ‘Gone Too Far,’ feature film written by Bola Agbaje and directed by Destiny Ekaragha, fo

Remember Sci Fi Series Heroes? Judith Shekoni cast in new reboot, Heroes Reborn

Heroes will be returning to our screens soon with the new reboot titled: ‘Heroes Reborn.’ For those of you who remember the original format, Heroes was a sci-fi television series that showed ordinary people who discover superhuman abilities and how those newfound abilities affect the characters. The series ran from 2006 – 2010. ‘The enormous impact that Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launched in 2006 was eye-opening’ president of NBC Entertainment Jennifer Salke, said in

Empire – Soundtrack available on iTunes and Season 2 on its way!

Empire – Soundtrack available on iTunes and Season 2 on its way! FOX TV ratings smash ‘Empire’ first season is coming to an end and already people are talking about season two, which is rumoured to come with more episodes than the season ones, twelve episodes. According to the writing staff over at Empire they want to delve deeper into the Lyons family humble beginnings by showing the audience where they really come from. Also an interesting fact is that FOX has mentioned that before Empires s

Oscar Winner Steve McQueen to direct Kanye West’s All Day Music Video

Since the Brit Awards, Kanye West has been over here promoting his latest album. He recently took time out of his busy schedule to give a lecture to 350 students at Oxford University. According to The Tab Oxford before students were instructed to turn their phones off before entering the lecture and if they were caught taking photo’s they’d be sent out or Kanye himself would leave the lecture. Well of course some rebels managed to disobey Yeezy’s orders and snap a couple of photo’s anyway for th

Naomie Harris in ‘Southpaw’ – Another Boxing Drama

British born Naomie Harris notably known for her roles in James Bond’s ‘Sky Fall’ and ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom,’ has joined the cast of new film Southpaw alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. After a few changes in regards to production in front and behind the screen, Harris has signed on for the role that was once for Lupita Nyongo. The film directed by Anton Fuqua and written by sons of anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and Eminem (who was apparently set to star in the film before it was handed to Gylle

Watch Sophie Okonedo in Original Miniseries ‘The Slap’

NBC recently premiered the American version of the Australian miniseries ‘The Slap’ which has been showing good ratings in the US. Thandie Newton is taking on the role that Sophie Okonedo played in the Aussie one. Since the premiere, has purchased the rights to the original miniseries and it is available to watch. If you are not familiar with ‘The Slap’, it is based on the award winning novel by Christos Tsiolkas that follows the consequences that a group event of family and friends

State Side: Gabrielle Union on black women having to shuck and Jive in comedies

State Side: Gabrielle Union on black women having to shuck and Jive in comedies In the past there have been various black actors who have been controversially vocal about their poorly positioned state in the industry as a black person and the roles they’re casted. Do you remember Labour politician Chuka Umunna calling on Britain’s film and television industry back in 2013 to put a stop to ethnic lazy stereotyping? Well this was and is still continuing to cause black actors to leave the UK for a

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Stateside again in ‘Free State of Jones’

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Stateside again in ‘Free State of Jones’ Since the start of the New Year, word on the street has been that Gugu Mbatha-Raw will appear alongside Matthew McConaughey in a new project called ‘Free State of Jones’. The film will be independently produced and is worth a nice $65 million. Based on a true story, it follows the relationship of Newt Knight (McConaughey) and slave, Rachel Knight (Mbatha-Raw). Their post-war marriage made the regions first mixed race community. The film

Ava Duvernay and David Oyelowo Join Forces Again

Following last week’s premiere of ‘Selma’ in London, Ava DuVernay has spoken on the disappointment to many -including myself- that she did not receive an Oscar nomination for Best Director. She’s said that she never believed she would receive the nomination because her chances were remote from the get go. She also expressed her disappointment that David Oyelowo was over looked for the nomination for Best Actor, but understands the nature of the status quo in Hollywood. Well moving forward, DuVe
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